Align with Ecstasy


Holiday workshop with Maartje Kreuzen


Monte Mariposa centre, St. Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, Portugal, 13-20 September 2014


Join us and celebrate the Equinox on the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

During these 7 day ws we will experience:


- 5th dimension - “Lift Me!” techniques

- dancing, shamanic journey

- new energy frequency transmissions

- shamanic work with the sea at the beach

- excursions, beaches, relax, fun


The price of 650 Euro includes:

- 7 nights in the Monte Mariposa centre

- Full board (vegetarian)

- 6 days of teaching


The “Lift Me!” techniques are based on body movements

that bring you into a higher frequency and help you to:


- Consciously create a new reality

- Get back into the flow of life when you get stuck or off track

- Love, accept and appreciate yourself also in difficult situations

- Unite duality and create miracles

- Recharge your life force and bring you back into alignment




There will be two segments of approximately 3 hours daily in which we work all together. Physical activity in various forms and psychological and spiritual development are a standard part of the day. During these segments you will learn the new techniques and experience new levels of vibration.

Teaching will be in English but you may always ask for translations in Italian, Czech, German and Dutch.

Every participant receives personalised advice and practices to intensify learning on a day-to-day basis.

There will be enough time to enjoy the swimming pool and beautiful natural surroundings of the centre and to plan excursions to towns or to the seaside.

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For registration, or more information please contact Petr Korecký, +420 774 922 080,



Maartje Kreuzen

I have a vast toolbox with many wonderful techniques touching every aspect of your body, mind and soul. I have studied Barbara Brennan Healing Science, Shamanism, Yoga, Body work, dance, breathing techniques, Mythology and Modern Psychology.

My biggest strength is my capacity to see where you are, where your soul is guiding you and what might be blocking you. This guarantees a tailor made approach for your personal path.


During the transformational year of 2012 I have made the energetic and consciousness shift that became available to our species for the first time in the history of earth. During this process I have channelled and developed various unique and powerful techniques that facilitate this change:

- Sacred Movements as energy consciousness creation,

- Consciousness reprogramming,

- DNA adaption,

- New energy frequency transmissions.